Natural aragonite stone

Weight 100 gr
Weight 100 gr
Size 45x45x45 mm
Reference 220908387
Mineral mineral Aragonite
Category Crystals and geodes
Group Free crystals
Country Country Morocco Morocco
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O Oxygen Other no metal 47.95%
Ca Calcium Alkaline earth metal 40.04%
C Carbon Other no metal 12%
Aragonite is a common mineral of the carbonate class, which contains calcite and dolomite, most often in equal quantities. With a hardness of 3.5 to 4.0 on the Mohs scale, aragonite is considered the stable orthorhombic form of calcite. It differs from calcite by dissolving faster and having a slight structural difference. Aragonite forms primarily through biogeosynthetic growth, that is, in warm marine environments that promote the formation of shells of marine organisms. It can also form by chemical precipitation in waters that are rich in calcium and carbonates. Aragonite is mainly used in the construction industry, for the manufacture of expanded clay, plaster, concrete and mortar. It is also used as a fertilizer, as a raw material for the manufacture of fertilizers and as an ornamental stone. Aragonite is also sometimes used for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

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