Ornamental carnelian

Weight 400 gr
Weight 400 gr
Size 80x60x50 mm
Reference 220908592
Mineral variety of mineral Carnelian
Category Decoration stones
Group Free forms
Country Country Madagascar Madagascar
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O Oxygen Other no metal 53.25%
Si Silicon Metalloids 46.74%
Carnelian is a common semi-precious stone that forms from a double aluminum and calcium aluminosilicate silicate, chalcedony. Most carnelians are varied in color, ranging from dark red to orange, even brown, yellow and green. The most common color, however, is red. Carnelian is found in igneous rock deposits and is often associated with other semi-precious stones such as jasper and agate. Carnelian has been very popular for thousands of years for making jewelry and decorative items. Its rich and colorful patterns make carnelian objects very attractive and often prized pieces. Carnelian is also used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. It is considered a protective stone that can help provide security and stability to those who wear it. In lithotherapy, carnelian is thought to help increase energy and harmonize the chakras. It is also known for its healing properties, which include improving digestive disorders and reducing symptoms of depression.

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