Tourmaline pebble

Weight 125 gr
Weight 125 gr
Size 55x45x30 mm
Reference 231111917
Mineral group of minerals Tourmaline
Category Objects and fossils
Group Pebbles
Country Country Madagascar Madagascar
Formula NaFe2+3 Al6 ((OH)4 (BO3)3 Si6O18)] TOURMALINE
O Oxygen Other no metal 40%
Si Silicon Metalloids 32%
B Boron Metalloids 10%
Al Aluminum Poor metal 7%
Fe Iron Transition metal 6%
Na Sodium Alkali metal 1%
Mg Magnesium Alkaline earth metal 1%
Li Lithium Alkali metal 1%
K Potassium Alkali metal 1%
H Hydrogen Other no metal 1%
Tourmaline is a complex mineral, a member of the silicate group, more precisely cyclosilicates. It is characterized by a wide variety of colors, ranging from black to green, pink to red, blue to brown, and even colorless, which is due to its varied chemical composition and the presence of impurities. Tourmaline has a hardness of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale, making it strong enough to be used in jewelry. It has uneven breakage, a vitreous luster, and a specific gravity between 2.82 and 3.32. A remarkable characteristic of tourmaline is its pyroelectricity: when heated, it acquires an electrical charge, which can attract dust particles.

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