whole ammonite

Weight 600 gr
Weight 600 gr
Size 140x115x30 mm
Reference 230410435
Mineral fossil Ammonite
Category Objects and fossils
Group Fossils
Country Country Madagascar Madagascar
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O Oxygen Other no metal
Ca Calcium Alkaline earth metal
C Carbon Other no metal
Ammonite is not a mineral strictly speaking, but rather a fossil. Ammonites are extinct sea creatures that belonged to the order Cephalopods, just like today's octopuses and squid. Their spiral shells, which are the fossilized part we can see today, were composed mainly of calcium carbonate in the form of aragonite, with traces of other minerals. Ammonites lived during the Mesozoic era, between 240 and 65 million years ago. Their size varied considerably, ranging from a few millimeters to more than two meters in diameter for the largest. The fossilized shells of ammonites can have a wide variety of patterns and colors, depending on the minerals present during fossilization.

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