Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp

Weight 1.54 kg
Wooden base. Bulb, switch and mains cord supplied.
Weight 1540 gr. 1.54 kg
Size max 15 cm 150x100x80 mm
Reference 240413057
Mineral mineral Pink salt
Category Objects and fossils
Group Lamps
Country Country Pakistan Pakistan
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Formula Na+Cl-] PINK SALT
Na Sodium Alkali metal 39.34%
Cl Chlorine Non-metal halogen
Pink salt, also known as Himalayan salt, is a type of rock salt that is mainly extracted from the Khewra salt mines, located in the Punjab region of Pakistan. Its distinct pink color is due to the presence of various trace elements, including iron, which gives it its characteristic hue. Chemically, pink salt is primarily sodium chloride, with traces of calcium sulfate, potassium, and magnesium. Its crystal structure is generally cleaved, meaning it has a natural tendency to break apart along parallel planes. Although often used for culinary purposes for its unique flavor and attractive color, pink salt is also used in various industrial applications due to its physical and chemical properties.

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