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Aventurine from India

Weight 190 gr
Weight 190 gr
Size 85x50x35 mm
Reference 200603030
Mineral variety of mineral Aventurine
Category Rocks and minerals
Group Raw rocks
Country Country India India
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O Oxygen Other no metal 53.26%
Si Silicon Metalloids 46.74%
Aventurine is a type of quartz, a form of silica, which is characterized by its brilliant color and translucency. It is often green, but can also appear in blue, red, brown, and even shades of gray. Aventurine gets its green color from the inclusion of fuchsite, a form of mica, while other colors are the result of inclusions of different minerals. The most distinctive characteristic of aventurine is its shimmering or sparkling effect, known as aventurine. This effect is caused by the refraction of light against small inclusions of mica or other minerals inside the stone. Aventurine is commonly mined in India, Brazil, Russia and China. It is used in various applications including jewelry, ornamentation, and cladding tiles due to its beauty and durability.

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