Celestite crystals

Weight 2.12 kg
Weight 2120 gr. 2.12 kg
Size max mm xx mm
Reference 210907731
Mineral mineral species Celestine
Category Crystals and geodes
Group Crystals on ganges
Country Country Madagascar Madagascar
Sr Strontium Alkaline earth metal 47.7%
O Oxygen Other no metal 34.84%
S Sulfur Other no metal 17.45%
Celestine is a fairly common and still abundant mineral in some parts of the world. It is a sodium salt of strontium which is usually found in the form of prismatic crystals. These crystals are white to gray-blue in color, with purple, green, or pink tints if the substance is exposed to ultraviolet light. One generally finds metastable forms composed of shorter crystals, with faceted faces. Celestine forms through the process of metamorphic crystallization imbalance, by the seepage of strontium ions into a sodium-rich rock or deposit. Celestine deposits are common in sedimentary and volcanic areas, as well as in caves and sea cavities. Celestine is mainly used in the chemical industry and as a food coloring. Celestine crystals can also be used as gemstones for jewelry making. Finally, celestite can also be used in lithotherapy for its therapeutic properties. Celestine crystals are believed to aid in physical relaxation and opening of the heart. They are also believed to help align mental and spiritual intentions and heal emotional wounds.

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