Natural vanadinite

Weight 175 gr
Weight 175 gr
Size 75x65x30 mm
Reference 220807632
Mineral mineral Vanadinite
Category Crystals and geodes
Group Crystals on ganges
Country Country Morocco Morocco
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Formula Pb5(VO4)3Cl] VANADINITE
Pb Lead Poor metal 73.15%
O Oxygen Other no metal 13.56%
V Vanadium Transition metal 10.78%
Cl Chlorine Non-metal halogen 2.5%
Vanadinite (a mineral species from the vanadium chloride group) is a mineral species of red, orange, or reddish-brown colored mineral. Its name comes from the factor present in its chemical composition: vanadium. Vanadinite is known for its unique color and glassy appearance. Vanadinite is especially formed by the weathering of rocks rich in vanadium and in places where natural weathering is possible, such as the middle of deserts. It forms crystals that can be the colors of blood, copper, russet or yellow. They are often shaped like cubes, hexagonal prisms or triangular pyramids. Vanadinite is used in metallurgy to extract vanadium, as well as in industrial catalysis and in polymerization reactions. It is also used for the manufacture of chemicals, including vanadium oxychloride used in the production of steel and special alloys.

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