Raw aragonite stone

Weight 130 gr
Weight 130 gr
Size 65x50x50 mm
Reference 220908421
Mineral mineral Aragonite
Category Crystals and geodes
Group Free crystals
Country Country Morocco Morocco
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O Oxygen Other no metal 47.9%
Ca Calcium Alkaline earth metal 40.1%
C Carbon Other no metal 12%
Aragonite is a mineral of the carbonate class, specifically a calcium carbonate (CaCO3), just like calcite. Its crystal structure is orthorhombic, different from that of calcite, making it a polymorphic form of the latter. Aragonite is denser and harder than calcite. It generally appears in the form of acicular crystals, radial masses or coralloid deposits. Its color varies from white to brown, including gray, green, blue and purple. Aragonite is a common mineral in low-temperature calcite deposits, such as stalactitic concretions in caves, and is also present in the shells of many marine organisms. Because of its tendency to change to calcite over time, aragonite is rarely preserved in the geologic record.

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