Amethyst druse with calcite crystals

Weight 820 gr
Weight 820 gr
Size 110x95x65 mm
Reference 220807774
Mineral variety of mineral Amethyst
Mineral 2 mineral Calcite
Category Crystals and geodes
Group Druses
Country Country Uruguay Uruguay
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Formula SiO2] AMETHYST
O Oxygen Other no metal 53.25%
Si Silicon Metalloids 46.74%
Amethyst is a mineral that belongs to a family of silicate crystalline oxides, composed mainly of silica and oxygen. Its mutable color, ranging from dark purple to mauve, is due to the presence of iron and traces of other elements. Amethyst has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale and forms in igneous, volcanic and sedimentary rocks. It is also found in hydrothermal veins, veins and cavities in volcanic rocks that have experienced high temperatures and high pressures. Amethyst has been used for centuries as a gemstone and remains one of the most popular gemstones today. It is also used in the mining industry and as a decorative material. It is sometimes even used in the manufacture of optical instruments. Also, amethyst is traditionally considered a symbol of wisdom, spiritual strength and protection.
Formula CaCO3] CALCITE
O Oxygen Other no metal 47.95%
Ca Calcium Alkaline earth metal 40.04%
C Carbon Other no metal 12%
Calcite is a common mineral in many sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks. It is also present in soils, marine sediments and lakes and saline lakes. It is the main component of limestone. Calcite is a mineral from the carbonate family. It has a hexagonal crystal structure and is transparent to translucent. Its color varies from white to light gray, yellow, orange and even red. It has an average hardness of 3 on the Mohs scale. Calcite is mainly produced by biogenic and chemical processes. When waters move through limestone and interact with carbon dioxide, calcite is formed. It can also be formed by volcanic processes, fault movements or soluble processes. Calcite is widely used in the chemical, food, medicine and building materials industry. One of the main uses of calcite is to produce lime for road surfacing. Calcite is also used for the manufacture of ceramic products. In addition, it is sometimes used in optical systems for its optical properties.

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