bumblebee jasper

Weight 110 gr
Bumblebee Jasper, which gets its yellow color primarily from the sulfur it contains, contains a potentially harmful substance. Therefore, it is strongly advised not to handle raw Jasper Bumblebee without protection. Once polished, this stone no longer presents any danger. However, if your Jasper Bumblebee stone breaks, it could release sulfur. In this situation, avoid trying to repair it yourself and handle it with care (gloves)!
Weight 110 gr
Size 70x15x50 mm
Reference 230710887
Mineral rock Jasper
Category Decoration stones
Group Polished stones
Country Country Indonesia Indonesia
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Formula SiO2] JASPER
O Oxygen Other no metal 53.26%
Si Silicon Metalloids 46.74%
Jasper is a mineral that belongs to the microcrystalline quartz family. It is characterized by its opaque structure and high variability of colors and patterns, which are the result of various mineral impurities. Jasper is composed primarily of silica, with varying amounts of iron and other minerals that give it a color ranging from red to green, yellow and brown. It is often used as an ornamental stone because of its natural beauty. In terms of hardness, jasper ranks at 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale, making it a fairly hard and durable stone. Its formation typically occurs in sedimentary or volcanic environments, where silica is deposited in fractures or cavities and slowly crystallizes to form jasper.

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