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Garnierite stone

Weight 700 gr
Weight 700 gr
Size 130x50x65 mm
Reference 210104999
Mineral group of minerals Garnièrite
Category Objects and fossils
Group Prisms
Country Country Madagascar Madagascar
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Formula (Ni, Mg)3Si2O5(OH)4] GARNIÈRITE
Si Silicon Metalloids
O Oxygen Other no metal
Ni Nickel Transition metal
Mg Magnesium Alkaline earth metal
H Hydrogen Other no metal
Garnierite is a hydrosilicate mineral of nickel and magnesium, often associated with laterite deposits. It is generally green in color, ranging from light to dark green, due to its nickel content. Garnierite is mainly found in tropical and subtropical regions where climatic conditions favor the formation of laterites. It forms by alteration of ultrabasic rocks rich in olivine, such as peridotites and dunites, in the presence of water. Garnierite is an important source of nickel, and is therefore widely exploited for the extraction of this metal. Its density varies between 2.2 and 2.6, and its hardness on the Mohs scale is generally 3 to 4.

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