Chrysoprase free form

Weight 7.96 kg
Weight 7960 gr. 7.96 kg
Size max mm xx mm
Reference 220807728
Mineral variety of mineral Chrysoprase
Category Decoration stones
Group Free forms
Country Country Madagascar Madagascar
O Oxygen Other no metal 53.25%
Si Silicon Metalloids 46.74%
Chrysoprase is a variety of green chalcedony that forms underground due to its metamorphic agents. It is a Miocene mineral with a density ranking of 6.5 to 7 and a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. Its color is light green, with shades ranging from yellow to olive green. The formation of chrysoprase results from the diffusion of nickel ions and various metamorphic agents contained in the waters, which oxidizes over time. Although the deposits are usually near those of chalcedony, chrysoprase can also form from silicates or certain clay minerals. The main producing countries of chrysoprase are Australia, India, New Zealand and Brazil. It is also mined in places like Spain, South Africa, Estonia, Japan, and China. Chrysoprase is a semi-precious stone highly valued for its aesthetic properties. It is often used in jewelry and accessories, as well as in art and ornamentation. It is also very popular in lithotherapy, because it can help heal certain psychological and emotional wounds.

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