Freeform Agate

Weight 780 gr
Weight 780 gr
Size 105x80x60 mm
Reference 221108839
Mineral variety of mineral Agate
Category Decoration stones
Group Polished stones
Country Country Madagascar Madagascar
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Formula SiO2] AGATE
O Oxygen Other no metal 53.25%
Si Silicon Metalloids 46.74%
Agate is a variety of Chalcedony, a renowned variety of quartz composed mainly of silica. It is a hard stone that varies in color from light brown to creamy white. It has a grainy surface and is covered with patterns in the form of bands, arcs or knots, which are due to the presence of colored minerals (iron oxide, sphene or manganese) or fossils suspended in the rock. Agate forms in river beds, when suspended materials settle and accumulate in the crystalline rings of quartz source rocks. It can also form in volcanic holes, in sedimentary layers or due to cracks in metamorphic rocks. Agate is one of the most popular and abundant minerals in the world. It is often used as a gem or an ornamental stone. It is also frequently cut to create earrings, pendants and stone jewelry. It is also used in the paper industry, as quartz is a very effective abrasive material. In addition, Agate is a common mineral in lithotherapy, where it is used for its reassuring and calming properties.

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