natural malachite rock

Weight 110 gr
Weight 110 gr
Size 60x50x25 mm
Reference 220907942
Mineral mineral species Malachite
Category Rocks and minerals
Group Crystallization
Country Country Congo - Kinshasa Congo - kinshasa
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Formula Cu2CO3(OH)2] MALACHITE
Cu Copper Transition metal 57.47%
O Oxygen Other no metal 36.18%
C Carbon Other no metal 5.42%
H Hydrogen Other no metal 0.91%
Malachite is a cuprous carbonate mineral composed of copper hydroxide and carbonates. It belongs to the family of carbonate minerals and is usually found in the form of stalactites and botryoidal masses. Malachite is known for its bright green color and mottled patterns. The color varies mainly from olive green to medium green and is often streaked with lightning bolts and zigzag banding patterns. The color is due to the presence of copper, an element that is an integral part of its chemical structure. Malachite forms when solutions rich in copper, carbonic acid and oxygen are exposed to heat and light. It is often the end product or an intermediate product in the oxidation of copper. Malachite can be found in geological areas such as underground cavities, in hydrothermal deposits or in copper ore veins. Malachite has been used for thousands of years to create jewelry, art and ornaments. It is also an important component in the metal mining industry, used to extract copper and lead. In addition to these uses, malachite is also used in the chemical treatment of metals and in the production of colors.

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