Crystallized prehnite

Weight 40 gr
Weight 40 gr
Size 45x30x25 mm
Reference 220908097
Mineral mineral species Prehnite
Category Rocks and minerals
Group Aggregates and clusters
Country Country Morocco Morocco
Formula Ca2Al(Si3Al)O10(OH)2] PREHNITE
O Oxygen Other no metal 44.5%
Si Silicon Metalloids 21.3%
Ca Calcium Alkaline earth metal 20.27%
Al Aluminum Poor metal 13.64%
H Hydrogen Other no metal 0.25%
Prehnite is a mineral composed of hydrated silicic acid and aluminum. It is colorless to greenish yellow, light green or white and has a glassy, silky texture. Its luster is vitreous to faintly adamantine. Prehnite is usually found in hydrothermal formations and is commonly associated with grossular, phenakite, chlorite, and chalcedony. Optically, it lies at the intersection between anorthite and hydrated silicic acid and belongs to the optical class of clear minerals. Its hardness is between 5 and 6 on the Mohs scale and its density is 2.7 to 3.2 g/cm3. Prehnite is primarily used as a semi-precious stone for making jewelry and carvings, but it is also used in industrial applications such as flooring for high traffic environments and use as a putty, cement and glass of construction.

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