Cerusite, barite and quartz

Weight 560 gr
Weight 560 gr
Size 110x60x50 mm
Reference 210505445
Mineral mineral Cerussite
Mineral 2 mineral species Galena
Mineral 3 mineral species Baryte
Category Crystals and geodes
Group Crystals on ganges
Country Country Slovenia Slovenia
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Pb Lead Poor metal 77.54%
O Oxygen Other no metal 17.95%
C Carbon Other no metal 4.48%
Formula PbS] GALENA
Pb Lead Poor metal 86.59%
S Sulfur Other no metal 13.39%
Galena is a mineral species composed of lead sulfide. Its name comes from the Latin galena and the Greek galene meaning lead ore. Galena is indeed the most abundant lead ore. There are many galena deposits around the world, it is an abundant mineral. It is a mineral that is encountered in very varied contexts: veins, hydrothermal deposits, volcano-sedimentary and sedimentary deposits ...
Formula BaSO4] BARYTE
Ba Barium Alkaline earth metal
S Sulfur Other no metal
O Oxygen Other no metal
Barite, also known as barite, is a mineral species made up of barium sulfate. Barite is of hydrothermal origin, is part of the sulfate group, and has many varieties. It takes its name from the Greek word meaning "heavy". It is in the form of flat crystals of vitreous luster, sometimes in lamellar form. Barite is the main mineral of barium and is exploited massively for its industrial properties and applications, in particular in the petroleum industry. The barite is white, yellow, orange or even translucent.

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